OpenZR+ Specifications, v. 2.0

OpenZR+ Specifications, version 2.0, 29 July 2022


Updated with parameters for 75 GHz grid spacing applications.

Number of pages: 78
Type of file: pdf

OpenZR+ Specifications, v. 1.0

OpenZR+ Specifications, version 1.0, 4 September 2020


OpenZR+ defines specifications for 100-400G single-wavelength optical ports for transceiver/transponder, muxceiver/muxsponder (TRXR/TRPN, MUXR/MUPN) node functions and for switcher/router optical ports.

Number of pages: 74
Type of file: pdf

OpenZR+ Whitepaper

OpenZR+ MSA provides a digital coherent optic transceiver that can be plugged into a range of routing, switching, or opticaltransport host platforms. With 400G, 300G, 200G, and 100G modes, long-haul applications can also be addressed. The 4x 00GE multiplexing mode allows for the connecting of 400GE- and 100GE-capable devices across a DWDM link.

Title: OpenZR+ - 400G Digital Coherent Optics for Multi-Haul
Number of pages: 9
Type of file: pdf

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